All people, regardless of gender, should enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. Meet the women who are standing up for their right to protect the ocean.

“The gentlemen think, ‘Oh, they’re just women. They can’t handle it.’ But the ladies will persist.” Mama Angki
Behind the Scenes

Coconut is the main renewable commodity in the Fam Islands. It’s commonly processed into copra (dried coconut meat) and sold at local markets. A group of women on the islands discovered that selling coconut soap and virgin coconut oil made from their organically grown coconuts gives them a higher economic value than selling raw copra alone. Thanks to the support of Conservation International Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Marine Program, along with several partners, the women are learning how to run their own business. The extra income they earn from selling the oil supports their children’s education and nutrition. In 2018, one woman purchased a laptop for her son’s education with the extra income she earned from selling handmade virgin coconut oil.

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